Why You Should Call A Professional To Fit A Gas Cooker

So you’ve just purchased a shiny new gas cooker; it’s the cooker of your dreams, it’s a design that you love, and puts all other cookers to shame. You’ve spent a lot of money on your new cooker, and because of this, you aren’t keen to spend even more having it fitted by a professional when you could just do it yourself.

The fact is that although it will cost you to have your gas cooker fitted by a professional, it’s worth it. Think of it this way, after spending a lot of money on your lovely new cooker, do you really want to risk fitting it wrong and it not working as it should do? The fact is that when it comes to having a gas cooker fitted, it really is best to call in a professional.

Still not sure whether to have your gas cooker fitted by a professional? Here are some reasons why you should do:

It is the law

Firstly, one reason why you should have your new gas cooker fitted by a professional is because it is the law. Yes, that’s right, the law states that all new cookers, and all gas appliances for that matter, need to be installed by a professional engineer. Not just any engineer either, a Gas Safe registered one. A Gas Safe engineer is someone who has undergone the correct training and knows how to deal with gas appliances safely, from gas cookers to boilers.

It’s safer

The fact is that gas appliances can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important that they are fitted by a trained professional. Gas is a dangerous substance, particularly because it’s not easy to see if there is a gas leak. The only way to spot that gas is leaking is from the smell. The reason that gas is so dangerous is because not only is it highly flammable – one match in a room that has a gas leak can blow the entire property up – but also because it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. Incorrectly installed or not properly ventilated gas appliances, such as cookers, are one of the main causes of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why having a professional install your new cooker is so important.

 It could impact your home insurance

Did you know that not having a professional Gas Safe engineer install a new gas appliance can void your home insurance? That’s right if you fit a gas appliance to your home yourself, this voids many home insurance policies, meaning that should disaster strike, even if it’s not related to how you fitted the appliance, your insurance provider may not pay out. Most insurers require proof that all appliances were fitted to the regulations in place before they will pay out, which means that you need to have a receipt showing that a trained engineer fitted your gas appliances.

It’s easy to see that the cost of hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit your new gas cooker is money well spent, don’t you think?